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Obesity Management & Treatment ≠ Eat Less + Move More

After trying multiple diets and reading advice from countless “experts,” it can be discouraging to see minimal improvement. With all the misinformation out there, it’s hard to know who to trust and what to do next.

Obesity Screening Fund

Obesity screening is an important step for disease prevention and healthy living because it leads to early diagnosis and prompt treatment, reduces obesity-related comorbidities, and improves one’s metabolic health and quality of life. Please support our mission and consider a donation to help us deliver our obesity screening tools to  many physicians’ offices so more kids, teens, and adults get screened. This, in turn, will aid them in treating obesity or making the referral to a certified obesity medicine specialist for their high-risk patients. A healthier tomorrow starts today. So, let’s do this together! 

Crack Your Personal Obesity Code.

Because pediatric & adult obesity is a chronic medical condition, it should be treated like one. We believe in taking a scientific, comprehensive approach to obesity prevention and management.

Get screened.

It’s important to get screened for pre-obesity or obesity whether you are a child, teen, or an adult. Our online screening tool helps you understand the true causes of your weight struggles, your risk for obesity, and next steps for improving your metabolic health.

Explore educational resources.

Our medical team has been trained and certified in obesity medicine. They create, compile, and vet research studies and educational articles for you so that you can access science-based reliable resources.

Find a provider.

The safest way to lose weight is under the supervision of a trusted, qualified healthcare professional. Many people need to work directly with an obesity-certified specialist. We’ll help you find an expert in your area who you can trust.

A Scientific Approach

Research shows that you can lose weight sustainably and improve your metabolic health when your plan involves the four pillars of clinical obesity management and treatment.


Physical Activity



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