Frequently Asked Questions

Obesity Screening

What is the Unraveling Obesity screening tool, and how does it work?

This online tool assesses obesity risk factors and provides insights into individual health. It evaluates factors like diet, physical activity, medical conditions, behavioral, and family history to offer a personalized obesity risk profile.

Why is it important to get screened for obesity risk?

Early detection of obesity risk factors can lead to more effective management strategies. The screening helps in identifying personalized approaches for better health outcomes.

How can the screening tool help in developing a personalized obesity management plan?

The results from the tool guide the creation of a customized plan addressing specific needs in nutrition, exercise, behavioral changes, and medical interventions if necessary.

Is the screening tool suitable for both children and adults?

The tool is designed to cater to a wide range of ages, making it suitable for both children (5 - 12 yrs old), teens, and adults.

What are the next steps after completing the screening?

Users are advised to review their results and consider consulting healthcare professionals for a detailed assessment and to formulate an appropriate management plan.

Are there resources available for further learning and support after screening?

Yes, our website provides educational articles & videos, research findings, and guides to connect with healthcare professionals for continued support and learning as well for patient resources. Our education resources are in continuous update mode and available for pediatrics as well.

How many languages does the tool support?

The screening can be taken using any of 4 languages as of now: English, Spanish, French, Arabic.

How long does it take to finish the screening?

between 5 to 10 mins

Is the screening tool HIPAA complient?


How will I recieve my results?

You will recieve an email with all your responses as well as a password protected pdf report

Can I consult with you about my results?

We are in the process of launching a new nurse navigator program allowing patients to discuss their results with an RN nurse and discussing options and next steps. Stay tuned and check our website regularly for more updates in the next few month.

Usage by healthcare providers

Can a physician use the tool at his/her clinic ?

Yes. Healthcare providers can subscribe to one of the available plans for either adults, teens, or kids. We will get in touch with a customized tool version just for his/her clinic. For healthcare providers, the tool saves time and direct them to focus on the needed care area of the patient.

Is the tool for only obesity specialists?

No, primary care physicians as well as other specialists can also subscribe. Obesity is a major cause for many chronic diseases and using the scoring guide of the tool can help physicians to better guide patients and focus on the specific needs of care.

How long does it take to take the screening?

5 to 10 mins. Patients can use the provided link to take the screening. Results will be immediately avaialble electronically to the physician as well as the patient upon submission of all responses to the screening questions.

Can I see a demo first before subscribing and using the tool?

Yes, please schedule an online appointment (through our website) with our staff and we will be happy to meet and show you how it works and answer any questions.

How can I track my patients data history such as their old screening results?

We provide with the tool an online dashboard for all your clinic patients who will be screened. You will be able to track all their old screening results anytime from anywhere.

Partnerships / work with us

How can I partner with Unraveling Obesity ?

Please send us email expressing your interest in offering obesity screening for your customers or audience. We will setup a meeting to discuss further how we can help applying obesity screening in your setting.

Who do you partner with?

We try to raise awarness for obesity screening everywhere including schools, churches, employer workplace, universities, community health, etc

Do you offer screening to charities and non-profits?

Yes. Everyone has the right to understand how obesity can affect their health and we want to make this affordable and available to everyone regardless of their resources. If you work with non-profit, charity, etc please contact us and we will work with you.