Our Philosophy


We believe you have the right to know the truth about pre-obesity and obesity prevention, whether you’re a patient or healthcare provider. And, we want to put an end to all the weight-loss myths by helping you realize that there is science behind obesity management. Our mission is to unravel one’s personal obesity code as a means to achieve optimal metabolic health with the help of this obesity-specific app created by experts in Obesity Medicine.

Core Values



Pre-obesity and obesity are serious and chronic health conditions that are a gateway for many diseases. They are complex and multifactorial yet treatable. Like other medical diagnoses, treatment is based in science and may require a referral to a specialist in this specific field of medicine who has specialized training in obesity care and uses a comprehensive approach for appropriate treatment and proper management.



People who are dealing with pre-obesity or obesity must be provided with current and up-to-date, proven information about these medical conditions rather than being told to “eat less, move more” or encouraged to believe weight-loss myths. Patients have the right to know the truth so in discussions with their clinician, they can make informed decisions about their health.



People suffering from pre-obesity or obesity need help, support, encouragement, and to be heard. Patients battling obesity must be respected, and they have the right to receive medical care that is free from any bias, blame, discrimination, or judgment from a qualified health professional. Compassionate care is a must in obesity medicine in order to determine the underlying cause(s) of the weight gain, provide accurate diagnosis and treatment, and improve health outcomes.

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